ASPILSAN ENERGY was established in 1981 with donations  of Kayseri people im organized Industrial Region. The main Share holder of our company is Turkish Armed Forces Foundation with participation rate of %98. The main purpose of setting up of ASPILSAN A.S. was to meet the general demand of Turkish Armed Forces for he rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium batteries, however, during recent years vast improvement has been achieved and today more than 100 different products could be manufactured forn the demands of civilian and military portable telecommunication devices, weapon systems, electronic/optronic equipment, and complete batteries  for aircraft and helicopters.

Fields of Activity

All kinds of Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, Li-Po Cell and Batteries
Solar Cell, Thermopile and Fuel Cell
Renewable Energy
Energy Storage Systems
Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
Cell/Battery Laboratory Test Systems